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Training with Nurture Fostering

Training with Nurture Fostering

Fostering is becoming an ever more complex task and although many of the skills you utilise in caring for children cannot be taught, there are always new skills and learning to be acquired and all parents are expected to complete a core training programme.

Where there are two parents in a household, both are expected to attend such mandatory training

 Mandatory training topics are: -

  • Introduction to Nurture Fostering
  • Record Keeping
  • Skills to Foster
  • First Aid Training
  • Dealing with Allegations
  • Panel Training - Review of Serious Case Reviews
  • Behaviour Management
  • Parent & Child Training
  • Gang and Gang Affiliation
  • Secure Base Model
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Safeguarding
  • Building Safe Esteem & Confidence
  • Sexual Health
  • Attachment & Loss


We will also expect you to undertake further training and development as identified in discussion with your SSW or during your annual review of registration. You can access our training portal here.


All parents are expected to maintain an individual training profile. This should include details of training and development undertaken and future training needs. Your Supervising Social Worker will help you produce and maintain this during their regular supervisory visits.


We will ensure that you are notified of available training and development opportunities on a regular basis. We will also ensure that all mandatory training is accessible to all parents and endeavour to ensure that all other training and development activity is accessible to all parents.