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Types of Foster Care Placements

Types of Foster Care Placements

Short term fostering:

Placements can be for an overnight stay or up to two years.


Long term fostering:

This is when a child is fostered by you and the expectation is that the child will remain with you until they reach adulthood.


Emergency Fostering:

These placements are generally unplanned and occur at very short notice.


Parent and Child Fostering: 

Parent and child placements are for mothers and fathers where there are concerns over their ability to parent their child/ren effectively. These placements are usually emergency but can be planned. 



Respite provides support for placements and foster carers. 


Who needs to be fostered?

  • Children aged 0-18
  • Children with physical and learning disabilities
  • Children & young people on remand
  • Parent & Child placements
  • Unaccompanied asylum seekers