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Good afternoon,

I just wanted to check in and say 'thank you' for your assistance in placing our young person E with your carer A.

With our allocated SW and Deputy Manager being unsure about the placement due to A not having previous hands on experience, it was highly beneficial that both sides were able to have a discussion to clear any reservations that were had initially. 

Today it seems that introductions and settling in to the placement have gone well for both sides. As this is A's first placement with the one child; I hope that A can build her experience and give E the support she needs.

Thank you!

London Borough of Ealing - Commissioning Officer


My interactions with Nurture Fostering have been good. There have been regular meetings with the SSW, foster carer and myself. Any comments or concerns I have had in regards to the placement I have been able to raise this with the SSW.

The foster carer has always been very warm and welcoming towards the child in placement. When he was initially placed with her she cancelled her own plans to accommodate his move into her home and has remained very committed to caring for him. 

I continue to be very impressed with the level of care and commitment to him provided by the foster carer and their insight into his needs.

London Borough of Islington - Child Social Worker


L&S are fantastic foster carers and as GG's social worker I was very grateful to them for accepting the placement. Feedback of the foster carers was that she really enjoyed her time with L&S. 

Wandsworth London Borough Council - Child Social Worker


KP was placed in a good quality foster placement, they further commented that the helpfulness of the staff at the agency was excellent, ability to suitably match the young person to the foster carers was commented as being good.

London Borough of Lewisham Child social Worker


Commented that the foster carers meet the young person’s basic needs exceptionally well.  They are truly invested into her future development.   She further commented that the foster carers are open minded, child focused and very driven.  The young person indicates a good attachment towards the foster carers, and I would say that the young person feels very safe and secure.

London Borough of Ealing – Child Social Worker


The foster carer, as evidenced in LAC reviews is focused on the young person’s welfare.  She supports her education, her development and her emotional needs.  The young person feels part of the family and this is in no small part to the foster carers, caring and welcoming approach.

IRO feedback


The overall experience of this child’s placement through long-term fostering has helped to meet his care needs up until 18 years old.  This is a biracial match which has worked because of the care, Nurture and attention which the foster carer is well equipped in to provide consistently to our young person.

The London Borough of Lewisham - Child Social Worker


The Child’s social worker commented that the agency was excellent in meeting the needs of the local authority, together with their speed of response and helpfulness of staff at the agency   Our communication both verbal and written was to an excellent level as was the Form F that was submitted for matching the foster carer with the young person.

Comments made with regards to the foster carer including she continued to be very impressed with the level of care and commitment to the young person and the foster care was always able to provide her insight into meeting the needs of the child.

She has observed through meetings and observations that the foster carer is totally committed to caring for the young person and has observed positive, warm and caring interactions between the foster carer and the young person.

The London Borough of Islington – Child Social Worker


Placement stability is core to a CYP experience in care.  The fact that this young person is settled and has been living in his current placement for nearly nine years.  This has allowed a platform for him to grow and become a man with strong values and a passion for subjects he enjoys.  The young person feels safe and has consistent care provided to him to participate in employment and education. 

The London Borough of Lewisham – child Social Worker


Jill has been tenacious in her support of R and his carer. I am particularly grateful for the piece of direct work Jill completed recently with R at home to explore the difficulties he was having in school and to deep dive into his schoolbooks to see what was happening in class. It was evident that he was really struggling and that more support was required. Jill quickly informed me of her findings which meant I could liaise with and challenge the school on what support was in place and push for more. This sort of exploration and support is highly valuable to us at the Virtual School, particularly when our young people live far away and even more so presently when we are unable to see the children or visit schools in person. Following this push school quickly devised an action plan and are putting in additional interventions for R which is a great result.  

Feedback provided by Virtual School Provision – London Local Authority


Dear Elizabeth, Charlotte and, more widely, Nurture Fostering,


I wanted send an acknowledgement of what you provided for A.M by way of support in the three weeks that he was with you. From the get-go you were on board, unafraid to work with the risks that presented and worked incredibly hard to keep things as stable as possible for A.M.


Thank you, sincerely, for being so available, reliable, willing and above all nurturing (by name and by nature).


It was really great to work with you.

Brighton and Hove City Council



It was a pleasure to deal with Jennifer. At all times she remained supportive of the young person in placement and went over and beyond and was able to remain child focused.

London Borough of Waltham Forest