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As a foster carer, you will receive a weekly payment for any child or young person that is placed in your care. Nurture Fostering has three different levels of payment – Level 1 is for carers who are newly approved, Level 2 is for main stream foster carers who have been with Nurture Fostering for 3 years and over in addition to completing their mandatory training and their Training Development Standards and Level 3 is for carers who have over 4 years’ experience as foster carers.

Additionally, you will be entitled to other supplementary allowances:

Birthday and Festivals Allowance:

These allowances are provided to the foster carer in order to purchase gifts for the child to celebrate their birthday and religious festivals.

Clothing Allowance:

£100 one off payment at the discretion of the Agency (Not Applicable to Emergency/Respite Placements).

This is a one off payment for children arriving at the placement without personal belongings or clothing.

Holiday Allowance:

The holiday allowances are provided to the carer, in order that the carer can provide an annual holiday. Evidence of expenditure will be required and will be paid at the discretion of the Agency. Holiday allowances will be paid on one occasion during an 12 month period.

Items included:

  • Flights
  • Hotel or accommodation



This should be approximately £20 per week for expenditure to include school uniform, shoes, trainers and clothing for outside of school. Should the child wish this money can be saved for branded trainers or clothing. Receipts need to be obtained and retained by the carer.


  • Travel to and from school
  • All equipment needed for activities such as rackets, scout or brownie uniform
  • Membership to all activities
  • Any extracurricular activities
  • Uniform for extracurricular activities


Carer’s Component:

  • Travel/Mileage for the child/children up to 150 miles per week i.e.: contact, school runs and professionals meetings. Thereafter, consent to be obtained for additional financial support.
  • Food/drinks
  • School dinner money
  • Additional activities such as scouts, beavers, tennis, football, dancing etc