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About Us

Our Company

We chose the company name Nurture because of its literal meaning. The dictionary definition of the word Nurture is to care for and protect (someone or something) while they are growing.


Our interpretation of this is shown in our promise to support the whole team caring for the child/children. Prioritising, meeting and exceeding their expectations through the support and development of the people who care for them THAT’S YOU – THE FOSTER CARERS.


Nurture Fostering is an independent fostering agency providing a range of services for looked after children with our primary aim being to give children the opportunity to achieve their full potential and to live fulfilling lives within the community. This will be achieved by recruiting foster carers who can work with us to improve the lives of the vulnerable children we support. In order to accomplish this we will train and support our carers to achieve this.


The Agency operates in accordance with all current legislation:

  • Fostering Regulations 2011
  • National Minimum Standards
  • Children’s Act 1989
  • Children & Young Personal Act 2011


The Registered Manager of the agency is a qualified, experienced and registered social work Manager who has gained a great deal of experience of working with both children and adults through fostering and child protection.  This role is key to ensuring that the social work practice of the agency is delivered to a high standard.

We believe  in high standard of care for children and gaining better outcomes for them, but this can only be achieved through supporting, encouraging and working in partnership with our foster carers. We will ensure that all foster carers are fully supported and engaged in our supervision, training and support plans and to ensure that we are available to our foster carers 24 hours a day 365/6 days of the year.

Our objectives:

To recruit foster carers from a wide range of backgrounds to enable us to offer appropriate placements.

  • Our unrivalled commitment to supporting our foster carers - we are available to them 24hrs a day
  • A commitment to the ongoing training and personal development of our foster carers and employees.
  • A commitment to a child centred and inclusive approach.
  • To consider the gender and sexuality of fostered children when matching to placements.
  • To consider and respect the racial, cultural, religious and language background of the fostered child when matching.
  • To support our foster carers and children in placement to reduce placement breakdowns.


The aim of the Agency is to assist the placing authorities in meeting their requirements to improve the wellbeing of children in relation to the Five Outcomes for Children.

These being:

  • Physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing.
  • Protection from harm and neglect.
  • Education training and recreation.
  • The contribution made by them to society.
  • Social and economic wellbeing.

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